Data Center

Enterprises of all types and sizes need new ways to reduce operational costs while maintaining or improving service levels. Novell is the world's leading provider of Linux and open source server software. Our Linux and open source data center offerings are designed to simplify the process of moving to open source, so your organization can quickly achieve tangible business results.

Security and Identity

Identity management is of keen interest to organizations that have distributed operations and large numbers of stakeholders who need secure access to vital corporate data. Novell is at the forefront of identity management software providers with a complete offering of cross-platform identity-management products, including directory, meta directory, provisioning, single sign-on, Web services and other secure-access solutions.

Resource Management

Over the past several decades, most organizations have accumulated a plethora of systems, software and data. Managing this growing, complex tangle has become increasingly costly. In an era of intense cost cutting, reducing IT infrastructure costs has become a business imperative.


Organizations of all sizes face the challenge of providing a technical environment that supports the work processes of their employees. SVK Tech Consulting teams have the expertise to implement the full suite of Novell networking, communication and collaboration solutions that provide the infrastructure, services and tools information workers require.


Linux, already in wide use in the data center, is rapidly gaining acceptance on the desktop as well. SVK Tech Consulting can help you determine which roles and groups can move to Linux most successfully and then help you make the move with little disruption for users. Linux on the desktop changes the way organizations do business and offers an opportunity to create strategic and operational advantages that are not otherwise possible.